The Future of Learning

The world is changing. The new era of learning is here.

The world is changing, and fast. Digitalization is shaping the nature of knowledge, our culture of work and the way people collaborate with each other. It will open possibilities we couldn’t even dream of a while ago. All of this is also affecting learning. During the hundred years of her independence, Finland has risen from a poor, peripheral province into one of the most prosperous and advanced countries in the world – and this has taken place primarily based on knowledge capital. Both decision makers and researchers agree that a high level of expertise will continue to be the most important asset in the future success of our country.

Microsoft, together with its partners, congratulates Finland on its centenary independence celebration by providing assets for the development of education and learning, to meet today’s challenges as well as those that lay ahead of us.

We hope that you enjoy these assets and that they will inspire you to create new approaches in your work for the future.

Kati Tiainen,
Director, WW Digital Learning Strategy Team,

Max Mickelsson,
Director, Government affairs,
Microsoft Finland and Ireland

Booklet: The Future of Learning – Providing assets for excellence in the next century

The booklet and the online portal are part of Microsoft’s corporate citizenship program in Finland. It sums up the three year long Learning Transformation North Star Program which has brought the globally recognized pedagogical approach of the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL, to the Finnish educational sphere. We hope that these stories inspire you to make the change in learning!

Tools for implementing the change

A tool for the assessment of broad-based competences for schools and teachers

The tool helps the teachers to assess how far the teachers have progressed in their pedagogical practices to introduce 21st century skills in the classroom, according to the new Finnish Core Curriculum. The tool is created by Professor of educational psychology Kirsti Lonka together with a group of the most esteemed Finnish researchers in the field of pedagogy. The tool which is published both in English and Finnish helps the teacher analyze how far he/she has reached the goals of the Core Curriculum.

Download the tool

Education Analytics Whitepaper

How can education analytics help in supporting students in the risk of dropping out of school? The purpose of Education Analytics Whitepaper is to describe how schools and school systems can utilize advanced data analytics to better achieve the goals in education and how modern technologies offer new opportunities for education system effectiveness, better learning outcomes, and personalization of learning.

Download the Education Analytics Whitepaper

Cloud-based IT-infrastructure blueprint for education

We have also created a Cloud-based IT-infrastructure blueprint for education to help understand how IT services should be designed and what kind of elements it should include on the municipal level.

Download the blueprint

Learn more about Finnish education transformation

From vision into practice – how has learning changed?

The world has changed, and so has learning. Microsoft’s citizenship program Learning Transformation North Star has helped cities in the learning transformation in 2014-2017, and additionally brought tools for making the change. Representatives from the Finnish National Agency for Education, cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Oulu tell about the elements in this process.


42% of 11-18 year-old Finnish girls pictures a man when thinking about researchers, engineers, mathematicians or programmers. It is time to put these dusty images behind and empower girls to study STEM fields. Finnish students tell what they think about technology industry, and meet one female role model, Minttu Paukkunen, who works in the tech industry. What will you invent?

International Summer Institute

Summer Institute brought together decision makers from multiple countries to dig into learning transformation and how to do it.

Surface in Torkinmäki school

Torkinmäki School has chosen Surface Pro 3 devices and Office 365 and especially OneNote to support students' 21st century learning.

OneNote in Torkinmäki school

The students in Torkinmäki School use OneNote in a daily basis to build knowlege and work collaboratively.

Kirkkojärvi Deep Challenge

Kirkkojärvi School’s 3rd graders participated in Deep Challenge to find solutions for climate change. Project was part of New Pedagogies for Deep Learning partnership. New pedagogies, Finland’s new curriculum and new ways of learning inspire students to collect information, interview specialists via Skype, work in groups and develop their ideas into solutions. All information for the project could be collected together using OneNote and Office 365 tools.